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Self Guided Tours

A Guide to Victorian Industrial Heritage at the Distillery
Guide du patrimoine industriel victorien de la Distillerie

Area A Building 9

Artefact_duplexpumps, Duplex Pumping Action
Artefact_60-1-4, Bristol Control Panel
Artefact_2-1-1, Duplex Pump
Artefact_2-1-12, Pressure Gauges
Artefact_58-1-8, Fire Hose Nozzles
Artefact_60-1-3, Waukesha Pump
Artefact_9-001, Northey Duplex Fire Pump
Artefact_9-002, Wooden Pipes (overhead)
Artefact_9-003, Fire Door
Artefact_9-004, Fire Hoses (overhead)

Image Labels
Image Labels Greatfire 1869
Image Labels Pumphouse 1896
Image Labels Pumphouse 1918
Image Labels Pumphouse 1938
Image Labels Pumphouse 2008
Image Labels Handpump
Image Labels Pumping Iron

Area C Building 5 & Lobby

Artefact_2-1-3, Hand Cart
Artefact_3-1-5, Hand Grain Ploughs
Artefact_3-2-8, Grain Chutes
Artefact_5-001, Bucket Elevator
Artefact_5-003, Distilling Artifact Assembly
Artefact_5-004, Model of Calvert Spirits Still
Artefact_5-005, Entrance Doors
Artefact_5-006, Gas Pipe & Light Fixture
Artefact_5-1-7, Vulcan Distillation Column Fragment
Artefact_5-2-12, Badger Distillation Control Panel
Artefact_5-2-18, No. 2 Steam Regulator
Artefact_56-1-3, Duplex Pump
Artefact_60-1-1, Rail Car Mover
Artefact_61-1-1, Floor Scale
Artefact_badgerplans, Badger Plans & Elevation of Continuous Alcohol Still, 1929
Artefact_distillingcolumns, Distilling Columns, 1863
Artefact_Distilling Column
Grain Storage

Image Labels

Image Labels Greatfire of 1869
Image Labels Control Panels in 1930s
Image Labels View of Mill Machinery Floor in 1863
Image Labels View of Mill Machinery 1918
Image Labels Engine Room in 1863
Image Labels Mill Grinding Floor in 1863
Image Labels Mill Grinding Floor 1918
Image Labels Engine Room 1918
Image Labels Grain for Mashing in 1918
Image Labels Grain Scalping Floor in 1918
Image Labels View South 1918
Image Labels Top of the Stairs in 1997
Image Labels Grain Hopper & Malt Chutes in 1997
Image Labels Gooderham & Worts Mill, 1926

Area D Buildings 25 to 32


Artefact 5-006b, Hoop Bender
Artefact Barrel, Barrel Handling
Artefact barrel, handling, Barrel Handling
Artefact coopering, Coopering
Artefact desk, Desk
Artefact Office Safe, Office Safe
Barrel Ramp

Image Labels

Image Labels Excise Officer John Davis in 1868
Image Labels Coopers at Molson’s Brewery in 1830
Image Labels Russell & Erwin Illustrated Catalogue, 1865
Image Labels Punching In 1918
Image Labels Women Office Workers in 1918
Image Labels Cooper’s Rivetting Anvil

Lab Labels

Lab Labels Laboratories
Lab Labels Artefact_25-001, Dictograph Intercom Handset, 1940s
Lab Labels Artefact_25-002, Triner Allsteel Scale
Lab Labels Artefact_25-003, Hydrometer

Area E, Breezeway


Artefact_3-2-6, High Roller Mills
Artefact_5-2-10, Control Panels
Artefact_5-2-18, Steam Regulator
Artefact_5-2-19, Tail Boxes
Artefact_61-2-2, Flavouring Tanks
Artefact_64-1-1, Barrel Hoist
Artefact_74-1-3, Hand Barrow
Artefact_8-1-14, Melt Pot
Artefact_labels, 1897 Diamond Jubilee Port & 1953 Coronation Bonded Canadian Whisky
Artefact_pamphlets, 1930 & 1941 Cocktail pamphlets
Artefact_racking, Barrel Racking
Plate Filter

Image Labels

Image Labels North Side of Stone Distillery in 1863
Image Labels Hiram Walker Rack House in 1925
Image Labels Barrel-handling in 1986
Image Labels Last Barrel in June 1990
Image Labels William Gooderham Estate in 1850s
Image Labels William Gooderham Estate in 1870s
Image Labels Rack Houses in 1896
Image Labels General Distilling on Mill Street, 1909
Image Labels British Acetones Plant in 1918
Image Labels British Acetones Fermenting Department in 1917
Image Labels Ceiling Detail, Molasses Tank from Still Life Series, 1997
Image Labels Scale

Area F Building 36


Artefact_3-1-5, Grain Ploughs
Artefact_36-001, Rake
Artefact_columns, Malt House Columns

Image Labels

Image Labels Gooderham & Worts Letterhead, 1868
Image Labels Malt House Transformation in 2002
Image Labels Kiln Furnace & Barrel Vaults
Image Labels Malt Floor in 1986
Image Labels The Maltings in 1870
Image Labels Edwardian Workforce

Area G East Buildings 58 & 59


Artefact_59-001, Roller Conveyor
Artefact_59-002, Hydraulic Pallet Trucks
Artefact_59-003, Honour Roll
Artefact_61-1-10, Explosion-Proof Light Fixtures (overhead)
Artefact_74-1-4, Hand Cart
Artefact_74-1-11, Platform Scale
Artefact_74-1-25, Plate Filter, ca. 1910

Image Labels

Image Labels British Acetone Employees in 1918
Image Labels Original staff of British Acetones, 1916
Image Labels Armistice Day, November 11, 1918
Image Labels Shipping Room, 1916

Area G South Buildings 58 & 58


Artefact Simplex Pump
Artefact Barrel Scale and tongs, ca. 1900

Image Labels

Image Labels Cannery in 1986
Image Labels Cannery in the mid-1980’s
Image Labels Bottling Building in 1884 and 1924
Image Labels Transformation in 2002

Area G West Buildings 58 & 59


Artefact_56-2-6, Tail Box
Artefact_58-001, Anti-freeze Cans
Artefact_58-1-1, Anti-freeze gear pump
Artefact_58-1-2, Foil Crimper
Artefact_58-1-6, Hand Canners & Hand Crimper

Image Labels

Image Labels Gooderham & Worts in 1896
Image Labels Hot-Shot Thermometer
Image Labels Long-service Workers in 1937
Image Labels Canning Line in 1937-38
Image Labels Model Bottling Line in 1934
Image Labels Female Workers in 1934

Area H Building 47


Artefact Copper Utensils
Artefact Drill Press
Artefact Duplex Pump
Artefact Grinders
Artefact Sheet Metal Hand Brake
Artefact Sheet Metal Roller
Artefact Mixing Kettle
Artefact Duplex Pump & Spirit Filter
Artefact Wood Planer

Image Labels

Image Labels Carpentry Shop in mid-1980s
Image Labels General Store Room in 1918
Image Labels Coolers in 1917
Image Labels Construction Workers in 1918
Image Labels Machine Shop in mid-1980s
Image Labels Cover, Alcohol in Industry, 1938
Image Labels Denaturing House Plan, 1931
Image Labels Denaturing Room in the 1980s
Image Labels Worker Graffiti

Introduction Text

Intro_Text, Firefighting
Intro_Text, Pumps
Intro_Text, Coopering
Intro_Text, Barrels & Barrel-handling
Intro_Text, Office & Record-keeping
Intro_Text, Bottling & Canning
Intro_Text, Denaturing
Intro_Text, Coppersmithing
Intro_Text, Maintenance
Intro_Text, Grain Handling

Process Line

Processline 1: Shipping & receiving materials
Processline 2: Milling was done in this building
Processline 2B: Milling
Processline 3: Malting was done in this building
Processline 4: Mashing was done in this building
Processline 5: Fermenting was done in this building
Processline 6: Distilling was done in this building
Processline 6B: Distilling
Processline 7: Aging was done in this building
Processline 7B: Aging
Processline 8: Bottling and canning were done in this building
Processline 9a: Support services for pipes and pumps on display in this building
Processline9b: Coopering, office work, and laboratory testing were done in this building
Processline9c: Denaturing was done in this building

Workbench Labels

Workbench Labels/Artefact_47-001, Foundry patterns
Workbench Labels/Artefact_8-1-1, Power Hacksaw
Workbench Labels/Artefact_47-002, Pipe Cutter
Workbench Labels/Artefact_47-003, Wrenches
Workbench Labels/Artefact_8-1-3, Hand Shear
Workbench Labels/Artefact_2-1-6, Machinist’s Vise
Workbench Labels/Artefact_8-1-15, Belt Lace Vise